Statement of Philosophy

Methodist Little Learners was founded in 1972, making it the oldest early childhood facilities in the Winchester area.  The school, established as an outreach ministry to this community, is nonsectarian.  While the school has grown and changed over the years, its founding philosophy remains firmly intact.  We at Methodist Little Learners strive to provide an enriching and enjoyable experience for all students.


Our educational philosophy is based on meeting the needs of the whole child—physical, emotional, social, cognitive, moral, spiritual and creative.  The staff uses their knowledge of child development to offer a balanced program to enable all children to succeed at their developmental level.  By setting clear, age-appropriate expectations for behavior and letting children know what is expected of them, teachers can engender success and minimize frustration.


A distinctive aspect of our program is our teachings of basic Christian principles and values.  Our teachers will communicate with Christian values through the relationships they have with the students.  Feelings, attitudes, interests, and ideas are absorbed before they are verbalized.  God’s Word and scriptural teachings will be applied throughout the whole program through the use of prayers, songs, Bible stories, Chapel, and the attitudes of the staff towards the children and each other.  Through these means we hope to help your child in their understanding of God, Jesus, prayer, worship, and the Church.  It is our prayer that the children will leave this program not only prepared for an enriching educational experience, but ingrained with a meaningful, age-appropriate understanding of the love of Jesus Christ.